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we are waking up to temperatures, all ready in the 80's, 5:30 in the morning. 80 degrees. heat advisory is in effect and humidity will make it feel oppressive today. >> this can be a dangerous time to be outside especially
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outside working in the sun. >> you have to be careful today. we will get over to katie for the forecast and just how hot it will get to day, casey. >> we will flirt with daily records today, record to beat in philly is 96 degrees, last set in 1957. it the has been a long time since we have hit this kind of heat on this particular day of the year but we have seen this every year. it feel like first time out of the gate is when it is worse. thinks first stretch have really bad heat we have experienced because it has been a very cool spring and over last few weeks we have eked out, just level temperatures, very average. this is a shot to the system if you plan to be outside but thankfully that is where area pools and shore comes in and those water temperatures are on the increase, low to mid 70's at jersey shore as we take a beautiful sunrise view here in ocean city as sunnies right now coming up over the horizon. this is the the earliest it will come up all year. a couple days 5:32 is the
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exact time that sun will rise in philadelphia. ocean city comes sooner. the lets take a look at that heat advisory map we talk about a second ago. the not everybody is affected. it is urban corridor, i-95 including biggies cities of the philly trenton wilmington and adjacent counties here. heat index values here will flirt with a hundred but we will top off in the mid 90's in these spots. storm scan three overnight did bring in heavy thunderstorms. some did turn severe through central pennsylvania but they have fizzled. we will still end up with hazy sunshine today and because we're still just shy of 80 in many locations we are easily going to heat up here. we are starting from a warm place. it will in the take very much to get in the mid 90's today. win starts to kick n air quality isn't quite as bad but we are near a record last set in 1957 and we are expecting a high have of 95. records aside it will be a toasty day. in the poconos we will get a cooler atmosphere up in that
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higher terrain so pack more so in the mid 80's but as early as late afternoon we will start to see a few showers or thunderstorms popping up here. generally towards evening approaching the city of philadelphia keep in mind that the western suburbs may see those storms that pop up later on. sort of strong if not the severe w this heat building, instability will be there for sure, bob, i hope you have your sunglasses ready. >> sunglasses and ac cranking. 5:33. wednesday, not that bad as we start but what a mess we had last night. here's video from chopper three last night when wires came down across route 70 and gave us a light show during the evening rush hour. all lanes were blocked in both directions on route 70 near cuthbert boulevard. fire fighters had their handful. folks were late getting home last night. but we have some good news we are opened, route 70, all lanes are opened in both directions rolling through cherry hill heading in toward philadelphia. another set of down wires, watching us down the shore
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route 47 out of wildwood here at route 612. use route nine to stay away or pushed through neighborhood. crash in pot town wilson street is block at farming ton avenue and they have put that new traffic pattern into play here last night i-95 northbound lanes moved off to the right between girard and allegheny. in delays at the moment. mass transit looking good. erika, back to you. developing right new philadelphia police have two people in custody and they are looking for a third after an early morning attempted break in at a church in mayfair. police say young would be burglars used lad tore get in the church of grace, in the 3300 block of welling ton street. bless you, natasha. >> thank you very much. it will be a scorcher today and everybody is looking for i place to cool off probably do some whimming today. swimming in the raining place can be very dangerous. man was seriously injured yesterday afternoon in the quarry dive and only cbs-3 was
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there for his rescue. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has more. >> reporter: early police reports indicate that the 39 year-old man jumped in the quarry on st. peters road in warrick township chester county to try to cool off and beat the heat. that is when he suffered an apparent spinal injury. because of the 30-degree slope leading in the quarry a specially trained technical team had to be called into pull the man out. >> we had within patient complaining. >> his injuries were so serious the 39 year-old was flown to thomas jefferson university hospital at the 5:30. the incident is a reminder of the dangers of jumping into quarries and creeks. on this bridge over penny pack creek in philadelphia there is a memorial for those who lost their lives here including 13 year-old brandon boyle who died here just last year but yet teens still swim here. >> i just don't go out too deep just right there to cool down. >> reporter: she lost her 15 year-old son nick any 1996, he was trying to save his friend
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near the sand, when both were swept away and then died. she has a message to those looking to cool off, in the coming months a head. >> stay out of the creek. if you love your mothers and fathers, don't leave them to have a life time of sadness. >> reporter: after the 39 year-old, who was injured jumping into that quarry at last check his condition was unknown. reporting from center city, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". right now 5:36. in business news this morning, how you can win a trip, to outer space. >> and also a clue to amazon's mystery product, money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the insuring stock exchange, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika and in a cash a today we will find out what fed chair janet yellin has to say. she will hold her second news conference after the federal reserve end its two day meeting this afternoon. here on wall street tech
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stocks push the markets higher yesterday, the the dow jones added 27 points , the nasdaq rose 16 points. today is also the day that tech world has been buzzing about for months, amazon will be unveiling a new mystery product at a event in seattle. rumor has it a device has a 3-d smart phone. there are reports at&t will be the the exclusive carrier for that new smart phone. we will be learning more details later today. another big bank has agreed to pay a huge fine to settle allegations of mortgage fraud, sun trust will hand over nearly a billion dollars, half of that will go to consume hours owe more than their hems are worth. justice department says it expects more settlements in the future. if you have ever dreamed of traveling into space, this could be your big chance, all you have to do is donate $10 to a good cause and you'll be entered into a raffle to win a seat on a x corp flight into
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space. a standard particular would cost about a hundred thousand dollars, now this is all thanks to the urgency network a non-profit start up that tries to offer unique experiences. the organizers said they are hoping to revive public ninth space and science-related topics, erika and natasha. >> that is a nice gift, $0 donation for a hundred thousand dollars flight. >> yes, that is not a bad give. >> kind of a win/win. >> i complete lay gree. >> thank you. >> thank you. officials meantime they are hoping that dramatic new video could shed light on a deadly house fire that we told but yesterday morning. this happened in wilmington, delaware a neighbor captured this cell phone video of the house engulfed in flames on bird street on monday. one man was killed, two women were injured. family members say 49 year-old fran seen wallace suffered burns on over 80 percent of her body. they believed someone doused the home with gasoline and then set it on fire. also decontamination crews
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clean up an apartment in hat pro where 19 year-old nicholas hell machine lives. he is accused of mailing a letter containing rise continue on a romantic rival. crews pulled everything out making sure the apartment located here in the 100 block have of byberry road is free of hazardous material. >> they will spray chemicals to the surface and needs to sit and work for a while and then apply second material that has locked the stuff down and once it dries it evaporates. owe within a take or two that will be rendered safe. >> as for hell money faces charges including attempted murder and risking a catastrophe. happening today law makers in delaware will review a bill to decriminalized adult marijuana possession. this will make possession of the 1 ounce a civil offense fun punishable by a fine rather than criminal charge. any amount of mar juan ace punishable by six months in prison and more than a thousand dollars fine.
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meantime philadelphia city council is considering a similar bill, councilman jim kenny wants to make possession of the small amount of pot a civil violation. a 25-dollar ticket rather than a criminal violation. kenny says it could save the city millions. >> we could save seven million-dollar and send it over to schools and do more with it. i think everybody i have. i have a veto-proof majority. >> bill is up for final passage, tomorrow. take the the pennsylvania turnpike anyone? well, get ready to take out more money for those tolls. turnpike commission has approved a 5 percent increase and it starts in january. toll hike will be applied evenly to cash and e-z pass users. if you bought a bottle of sparkling wine you could be in for a surprise. >> bottles of sparkling white wine called indigenous selections pro sec co 2013 could be exploding spontaneously. they have been pulled from fine wine and spirits stores in pennsylvania there is in
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word what is causing this to happen. if you have purchase this you can get a full refund. >> you expect a little cork popping. >> just a little bit. >> not the bottle exploding. 5:41. landscaping on a budget is next. >> also straight ahead teen who hidden side a plane's wheel well and survived a five hour flilight across pacific ocean speaks out for the very first time. moving them to the front of the line how a local hospital will soon be giving veterans vip treatment in the wake of the va investigation, next.
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good morning, katie. >> good morning, erika. >> look at this here. is hazy. this a good picture of what it will look like today. you will feel heat in the ocean city the eye view. it almost look like a candle flame with the haze, halo going around sky scan three. we cannot hold on to the sunshine forever as we will get see thunderstorms bubbling up here especially back over the ohio state border there. some of that will move our way and we have potential for those storms to turn locally severe. specific to our west and northern most counties, parts of the lehigh valley, berks, lancaster county, traveling west, downpours, maybe hail, damaging win, frick lightening but this is a great pool day, bob kelly.
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look at you. 95 degrees. a shower or thunderstorm later in the day. you can get time in the pool. uv index is high. warm on that farmers tie with the spf30 or greater. we have gave it five beach balls on scale of one to five. good day for it. by tomorrow 88 degrees but we are tracking next cold front by friday more relief in store as that cold front crosses through. it looks like a nice even to the week. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" weather team is giving local youngsters a chance to show off the forecast continuing skills once again. cbs-3 kids caster is returning to take with kate bilo up at the crayola experience in easton, pennsylvania, awesome place from 11:00 to 1:00. lots of cool stuff to do and why not try your hands at weather forecasting while at it. >> 5:44. we miss ukee but so glad he let us use his pool while he is away there. >> good guy. >> live look, roosevelt boulevard, disabled vehicle at ridge avenue kelly drive off
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ramp here. notice haze we are peeking through here with our cam use heading south. lets get to route 309 right here near pennsylvania turnpike, in problems or delays at all, light volume here this morning. make sure ac is cranking. car will be hot hot when you get in there this morning, a few minutes to cool her down. ball mink go road is still block at route 23, this is a week long construction project. so matsonford road is the best alternate. 495 still closed between exit two and three. they did paint new lines down i-95 to make things clearer, i talked to a couple folks who took my tip over last couple of days and i will pass it again. forget there is a river here and go over the commodore barry bridge and head south on 295 and come back over that delaware memorial bridge. it will definitely save you sometime. natasha, back over to you. bob, thanks very much. we are hearing from the teenage stowe away who made
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headlines after hitching a ride in a jet to had in a wheel well. marley hall has the store friday new york. >> i'm not stupid person. >> reporter: speaking from a foster home in california, the young man told a reporter from cbs affiliate kpix5 in san francisco that he knew what he was doing when he hopped a fence at san jose international airport and took a five and a half hour fly to maui, soda way in the wheel well of the hawaii airlines jet. >> young somalia immigrant planned to runaway from his home where he lived with his father and stepmother. he wanted to get as far west as he could and eventually get to have have africa to see his mother. >> i wanted to find my mom. in april, abu survived freezing temperatures and extremely low oxygen levels during a dangerous voyage that
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knows stowe away don't survive >> reporter: he lost consciousness and said when he woke up after the plane landed he could not hear or see clearly. says he was dehydrated when he stumled in to workers after he got off the plane in maui. >> i asked for water. >> reporter: he says he has fully recovered and knows it is a miracle that he is alive to tell his story. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". he could be the world's most famous mayor, toronto mayor rob ford scheduled to return to his job june 30th. ford had been seeking help for alcohol abuse. he had been in rehab since announcing he would take a leave of absence last month. that decision came hours after new video surfaced that allegedly showed him smoking crack. ford plans to run run for ree lex. >> south jersey happies giving veterans the vip treatment. >> cooper hospital announced a new program that will provide the same day treatment to
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service members. this follows a va audit which revealed veterans waited months to get appointments. >> in new jersey the average wait time is 25 days. bernie, who served in korea was thrilled to hear the news. >> what cooper is doggies absolutely outstanding. >> our mission here at cooper is clear to serve heel and to educate. >> they protect us. they served us, and they are the the reason that people like you and i enjoy the american dream. we owe them a debt have of gratitude. >> starting next in veterans in south jersey will be able to get primary care services within 24 hours. >> that is great. >> if your lawn or garden is in need of a make over possibly in this weeks angie an "s" list report jim donovan has several ways to improve your home's curb appeal on a variety of budget. >> reporter: nicely landscaped yard doesn't just add beauty but can add value too. >> don't ignore your home's landscaping because investments can adds much as
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4 percent to the value of your home and we're not talking about big elaborate projects. sometimes just simple basic thing, well manage your flower bed, nicely done lawn, adding trees to your property can really give you a nice return on investment. >> reporter: you can make improvements without over spending. landscapers say spruce up your ground with as little as $50 what does that get you. >> several different things, one would be to install mulch in the bed to insulate the soil and hold in water. that will cut down on the amount of weeds. another great thing in the springtime is to install flowers. >> reporter: have more to spend? for $500 receive fourth laser and weed control program and half acre lot you can have your lawn, mode, trimmed and edged weekly for four months. if you have a bigger budget $5,000 will help with path yes, sir, retaining walls, you can also revamp your home's front foundation landscape.
5:50 am
>> if you are dreaming of a big fancy project for your landscaping, you can just still talk to a landscaping even if you are unsure about your budget because great thing about landscaping is they can be done in phases. talk the two landscaper. if you are thinking of doing an outdoor kitchen. instead of going ought out in one summer maybe add fire pit this year and another element the next. >> shop around for a landscape tore get most bang for your buck and check to make sure they have appropriate registration with your skate. for more information on hiring a landscaper visit cbs's list. i'm jim donovan. it is an extraordinary advertise coverry in the art world. >> surprising place where picasso painting was just found and question it is raising this morning, when we come rig (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet.
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a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. because the more you know, the more we can help you. at farmers, we make you smarter about auto insurance, cut. lower. shave. chop. and drop your insurance rates. if you want to save hundreds, talk to farmers. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ [announcer] the more you know, the more you save. talk to farmers and you could save hundreds on your auto insurance. call 1-800-910-2222 today.
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here's today's headlines on cbs-3. thirty-two people remain missing after a ferry boat capsized off the malaysia coast. five people are confirmed dead. two juveniles are in custody and search is on for a third after a break in at a church in mayfair. a female suspect was caught outside, a male suspect was cornered inside by a police k-9. exclusive "eyewitness news" video shows a bear roaming around mount laurel, if you see it, don't go near it. bears have been spotted in several court jersey communities lately including evesham and winslow township. right now 5:53. we will get traffic and weather together. good morning. >> good morning, we are definitely looking to a hot day once again, storm scan three shows us a couple showers and heavy thunderstorms rumbling through portions of central pennsylvania and they have fizzled and we are still keeping that sunshine around for better part of the day. we will heat up easily, record
5:54 am
to beat 95 or 96 at least for these particular cities. we will flirt witt in philadelphia for sure. right now off to a warm start. we have just dropped below 80. we will heat backup new that the sunnies already up. we are going for 95, hot day, later honest specially in the evening, shower or thunderstorm moves in, locally gusty and storms stick around as our next cold front crosses, bob. 5:54. 81 degrees stepping out of the front door and get behind the wheel with yourized coffee this morning. live look at 202 through the work zone we had a disable here just a few minutes ago on the southbound side that quickly got pushed off to the shoulder there and safety blitz today along septa's regional rails at the the temple university station. this station about 6,000 passengers a day, goes through temple university station. they will hand out brochures on safety tips as you are
5:55 am
standing on the platforms and north on i-95 watch for construction delays at island avenue. we will check mass transit
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welcome back, art scholars are rejoycing over discovery of a previously unknown picasso. >> delaware's winter for museum helped. >> experts looking at picasso's infrared technology and they found a bearded man with the bow tie painted underneath. picasso painted over it like he did other times as well, a number of artists back in the day can see that painting underneath the painting on the right of the screen there investigators are trying to figure out who that man is, they have ruled out, a self port trait but well done, for helping out there. >> definitely. good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help.
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why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet.
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well, heat is on, all right at 6:00 a.m. and the temperature is already in the 80's everyone and humidity will make it feel even worse. you'll feel it once you step outside. it is sticky out there. >> it is. >> these conditions can be down right dangerous for folks outside in this weather. >> heat advisory takes effect in a few hours. sky hydrated and find shade. let check with katie for the forecast. >> i think biggest thing to take from this is we have seen days lake this we have seen them every single year but this is first time that the heat has gotten to this kind of level for us since last year. it is a shock to the system as a result and it will be a great excuse do hit an area pool, go out to the beach but if you have to work outside, maybe a landscaper something like that it can be down right

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